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With the development of science and technology, people yearn for technology, intelligence, privacy and convenient life. All industries are facing great challenges. Reform is imperative.

China's hotel industry is also going to become self-service and intelligent. As an independent shopping machine, the vending machine will bring a new round of revolution to the hotel

industry. It opens up a new sales model of the mini vending machine for the hotel. It is convenient for customers to purchase interesting items without embarrassment. It also reduces the

labor cost for the hotel, realizes the zero inventory for the hotel, strengthens the customer's stickiness, and can increase the hotel's profit greatly and improve the brand image of the


Value-added allocation:

Alipay and WeChat to pay payment



4 grid -38 lattice custom vending machine, the main 10 G Hotel vending machine.



Sell and sell interesting items, toiletries and daily necessities


Interest market advantage

Hotel manager backstage management: sales statistics, data analysis, red clearing and click the mini after APP, enter the management button below, through the account password can enter the background to check sales statistics, data analysis, one key replenishment, dividend statistics, and presentation.


Automata advantage one consumer


1.protect the privacy of consumers. It avoids the embarrassment of consumers face to face purchase, safety, environmental protection and close shop.
2.save the time of consumers! Purchase is convenient! "One thing, one thing, one yard".
3.improve the quality of life of customers. There are more products and wider selection, so that they can find their favorite products and needs of the same class.


Different sounds

1. the toothbrush is too bad.
2. I forgot to bring a towel
3. I forgot to bring my underwear
4. the shampoo, the conditioner, the bath is too bad
5. next to the supermarket is too far, will use it, alas...
6.hungry, takeaway is very troublesome, how does this room eat nothing?


Automata advantage one hotel

1. reduce the labor cost and hidden loss of the hotel, such as the loss of the goods,

instead of the rounds, buyers.

Part of the work

2. improve hotel brand image, improve customer occupancy rate, protect customers'

privacy and solve customer's psychological page.Meet customer's consumption demand

3. increase hotel profits, reduce operating capital! Free distribution, reduce the pressure

of goods, inventory, funds, real zero sales, zero expired, zero loss.

4.self selected machine, hotels can choose freely according to their brands, stars and consumer groups.

5. 24 hours online customer service, let operators worry all the way


Free supply of free equipment to provide free of charge for life warranty

Zero Zero Zero artificial, distribution, investment, dividends every day, every day income
Improve the image of the hotel, increase sales and increase profits.


Interest market advantage
No matter from the population base, the rule of economic development, or the future growth

space, interest products are a neglected billion market.
2015 Japanese interest goods trading volume of $83 billion
US $65 billion in 2015
2015, the sales volume of China's sex products is only 18 billion dollars, and it is expected to maintain more than 58% growth rate in the next 10 years.

Market prospect of intelligent vending machine

Japan has 6 million 500 thousand units
5 million 100 thousand units in the United States
There are only 500 thousand self-service vending machines in China, of which 50 thousand

are intelligent vending machines.


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