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1. Conditions for joining:

1) understand or have similar experience and management experience in hotels and cleaning products industry or department stores.

2), has certain investment ability, has the right cognition to the investment income and the risk.

3), identity and willing to follow the "Dimeiwang", "cool cat" concept and operating norms.

4) understand the responsibilities and responsibilities of agents, and have experience in channel sales.

5) be able to abide by the law and abide by professional ethics.


2, join the process:

1) join in the consultation: the franchisees consulted with the headquarters of Di Mei by telephone, fax and online gossip, asking for relevant information.

2), field visits: the franchisees visited the headquarters of Di Mei to conduct a fieldwork and exchange business with the headquarters of Di Mei.

3), fill in the application and confirm the intention to join.

4) qualification audit: the headquarters audited all the data of the franchisees and confirmed the franchisee's qualification.

5), the signing of the contract: confirm the various conditions of cooperation, sign the corresponding contract.

6), business contacts: payment according to the terms of contract, delivery and after-sales service.


3. The policy of joining:


4. Enterprise support:

1), training support: the company provides targeted and effective early and unscheduled training, such as business philosophy, team building, team

spirit, operation management, product training and so on.

2), promotion support: the company promotes promotional products and gifts regularly, supporting sales promotion.

3), personnel support: the company can support the channel development for the provincial agents, dispatched salesmen.