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Zhejiang demay intelligent Polytron Technologies Inc, formerly known as Tiantai Hongda mould Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012October, the main products: there are

intelligent products in the field of clean, clean, Home Furnishing: intelligent rotary mop, outdoor intelligent robot, double color injection mold development etc..

Since entering the rotary mop industry mould manufacturing industry, splicing technology advantages and strong marketing priority management capabilities, Dimei

achieved rapid development in recent years, the annual output value of 2011-2014 average compound growth rate of 82%, higher than the industry average of more

than 30%, out of a solid step in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.



Product field:

Dimeiwang product development in the field of Home Furnishing activities, through the di beauty of unremitting efforts, the development of new fruits, the main

product upgrading, so far,the existing mop series, electric mop series, luxury sanitary barrel series products, including rotary mop products known as following the

washing machine after the second Home Furnishingrevolutionary activities.


Import and export of products:

Every year, the import and export of products continue to grow, new customers have sprang up, and the old customers continue to grow.