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Company profile

Company profile

ZHEJIANG DIMEI INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a production enterprise which integrates the development, production, sales and international trade of household daily necessities and small intelligent vending machines and high quality moulds. It is located in beautiful Taizhou, Zhejiang, the first batch of AAAAA

level scenic spots in Tiantai Mountain. East of the provincial capital Hangzhou 2 hour, 1.5 hours north of Ningbo.


The company mainly produces cleaning products, rotary mops, intelligent vending machines, hotel supplies tools, premium moulds and two color moulds and so on. The company continuously innovates products to provide value maximization products for customers and intermediaries.


The company continues to optimize its products and develop new varieties. Our products win a wide range of recognition and praise with excellent technology and

sincere quality. DMD: new retail is a vision of creating a good life for self-service. It is the focus of the world's outstanding small vending machines and the leader of

the self-help retail industry.